Not Hearing Back When You Submit Applications?

Job searches can do a real number on your self-esteem and your ego if you’re not hearing back when you submit an application. If it feels like you are sending your resumes down black holes, it’s time to take a good look at your approach.

You’re Not a Match

You will not be a good match for every opportunity, but then again not every opportunity is a match for you. If your skills don’t quite align with the needs of the position, you probably won’t get called in for an interview. While there is nothing wrong with applying for a job that might be slightly out of your reach, if you want to be successful in your search, you need to apply for positions that align with your core skills and talents.

You’re Not Tailoring Your Resume

More and more companies use resume screening software to weed out unqualified applicants and save time in the hiring process. However, the process is not perfect. If you want to pass the first round of screening, be sure your resume includes keyword matches. Use the job posting as your guide. The most important skills listed in that posting should appear on page one of your resume.

Even if the company does not use automated software, the human process for scanning resumes is relatively the same. You want to make it easy for the hiring team to see your experience and skills align with their needs. If you bury important requirements, you likely won’t receive a call.

You’re Not Proofreading Your Materials

The fastest way to end up in the “no” pile is to submit a resume and cover letter riddled with errors. Check and double-check each submission for typographical errors. You also want to be absolutely sure you have the correct company name and hiring manager’s name and those names are spelled correctly. If you are not sure who your resume is going to, don’t use “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam.” Choosing the wrong gender may offend the person screening your documents.

Finding the Right Match

Job searches are stressful, and if you’re not getting called for interviews, it’s easy to become discouraged. If you want to be sure you’re applying for the right jobs at organizations where you are likely to be a match, put a professional on your side.

A niche recruiter will work with you to help you perfect your resume so you make a strong impression. More importantly, they will work with you to find opportunities that align with your skill set and your goals, increasing the chances you’ll end up in a position where you will thrive.

If you are an engineer or technology professional in the Southeast searching out new opportunities and challenges for your career, and you are ready to work with a recruiter to jumpstart your search, contact the recruiting experts at Selectek today.