Engineering Job Options: Structural Detailer

Structural detailers are a critical member of an engineering team, as they take engineers’ instructions and use them to create designs for the fabricators and contractors on a building or manufacturing project. Their work requires accuracy that falls in the 99-100 percent accuracy range, as the smallest error can lead to the loss of millions of dollars and countless man hours. Structural detailers can be found in a variety of industries including manufacturing and construction, and work on projects like erecting buildings, machinery creation, shipbuilding and more. Structural detailers are a hub of communication on projects, providing the bridge between engineers, architects, contractors and others on the team; they are usually responsible for handling several projects at once.

Required Education and Experience

There is no documented path for structural detailers, though most begin as drafters and CAD operators working as junior members of a team directly out of school. Official licenses and degrees are not required by law, but most firms look for graduates of accredited programs who possess at least an associate degree. When it comes to structural detailing, experience matters, since accuracy is of the utmost importance. Expect to put in years as a CAD operator before being trusted with the specific responsibility of structural detailing.

Job Outlook

The salary aggregator at Indeed puts the average salary for structural detailers at $45,000, and they list the average salary for CAD operators at $41,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not list statistical information on structural detailers specifically, but they predict job growth and salary for the entire category of mechanical drafters to hold steady through 2024. Salary and benefits packages will vary from job to job based on the requirements of the position, the size of the company, its geographic location and the experience of the candidate.

Current Vacancy

A company in Atlanta, Georgia, is currently seeking an experienced structural detailer/CAD operator to work closely with and assist engineering staff. Candidates should have experience drafting and detailing structural drawings for commercial, institutional and other similar facilities. This role requires proficiency with REVIT and there will be some usage of AutoCAD, as well.

This position requires the operator/detailer to produce 3D construction documents based on engineering mockups. Candidates will need to be able to take design sketches and verbal directions from the engineer in order to produce the necessary documents. In this role, candidates will be required to take a grid from the engineering team and make out the columns, sizing and space for the entire drawing. The drawings will be of concrete, structural steel, and wood structures.

The ideal candidate will have seven or more years of structural drafting/detailing experience for commercial, industrial or similar projects; will be capable of putting together structural construction documents; will be proficient in REVIT and AutoCAD. You can learn more about this opportunity or apply online here.

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