Engineering Job Options: Sales Engineer

Sales engineers sell technology, equipment and other complex scientific products and services to clients. They must have an intricate knowledge of their products’ functions, inner workings and usage, and must understand the principles of science that make these products effective. While other sales fields typically do not require deep and specific knowledge, sales engineers must have extensive experience in the field and must come from a professional engineering or scientific background.

They are responsible for nurturing existing customer relationships and building new business. Sales engineers prepare proposals and presentations that explain their products and services, assess a customer’s needs in order to make strong recommendations, and they typically oversee delivery and installation of the final product.

Required Education and Experience

There are no real “rules” when it comes to forging a path in sales engineering, but companies almost always require an engineering degree and several years of experience in the field. The products that sales engineers promote are complex and require a deep understanding of both the science behind the products and the methods and environments in which customers will use those products.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for sales engineers was $97,650 in May 2015. Because these positions are often commission-based, individual engineers can earn far more or far less, depending upon their skills, experience and compensation structure. The BLS also reports that job growth is expected at a rate of 7 percent through 2024, on pace with the national average for all occupations. This growth may surge, however, as technology continues to advance and more industries become reliant on complex machinery and products.

Current Vacancy

Selectek is currently working with an organization in Acworth, GA, seeking to bring an experienced HVAC engineer that is interested in transitioning into a Sales Engineer role. The engineer will sign on as a senior sales professional assistant, learning the organization’s equipment and sales process. Once these concepts are mastered, the engineer will begin to follow up with clients and take them through the sales process. There is no design work involved in this role.

The ideal candidate will have strong HVAC understanding, excellent communication skills and will need to be able to help create estimates for customers and walk them through the equipment selection process. The role will call for an understanding of fan selections, fundamental understanding of refrigeration circuit, and a strong foundation in HVAC equipment. BSMET or BSME are required, as are two or more years of mechanical engineering experience in the HVAC field. You can learn more about this opportunity and apply online here.

If you are an experienced HVAC engineer in the Southeast looking for exciting new opportunities to take your career in new directions, we encourage you to reach out to the expert recruiters at Selectek. We are always seeking strong engineering talent to match with some of the most innovative companies in the region. Contact us today to learn more about our process for helping you take the next step in your career.