What Does It Cost Me to Work With a Staffing Agency?

Job searches can be stressful. Even if you check every box on a potential employer’s wish list, it can be difficult to get yourself in the interview chair at your ideal employer. Many IT and engineering professionals choose to work with a recruiter to help jumpstart their search. However, some professionals are wary of the process and are often wonder, “What will it cost me to work with a staffing agency?”

Paying For a Recruiter

Reputable, successful recruiters should not charge you for their services. If a staffing agency wants to charge you to help you find a job, thank them for their time and then move on. Staffing companies are paid by companies to find them great people for their open positions. Employers are willing to pay for that service because, in the long run, it actually saves the company money. Recruiters get paid when they make great matches for their clients. It is in their best interest to find you a position that will set you up for success even though you do not pay a fee.

Can You Get Something for Nothing?

They say nothing in life is free, but working with a niche recruiter actually is free and actually does provide you with important benefits, such as:

  • Saves time and stress – With a recruiter, you don’t have to sit down every evening and comb through new job postings. You also don’t have to fuss with your resume or write lengthy original cover letters for every application. The recruiter matches you with positions where you are likely to thrive and removes the legwork associated with searching on your own.
  • Overcome obstacles – The recruiter does presales work with the hiring manager, outlining your strengths before you ever step through the door. If you are worried about potential negatives in your resume or experience, the recruiter can overcome those objections ahead of time.
  • Strong matches – Staffing agencies match candidates based on skills and qualifications, of course, but they also make sure your personality and work style align with the culture of the company.
  • Confidentiality – Complete confidentiality is of the utmost importance if you are looking for a job while you are employed. Recruiters understand this and will not do anything to put your current position in jeopardy.
  • The ability to contract without the hustle – Many engineers and IT pros long to ditch their permanent position in favor of the freedom to contract with different companies on new and exciting projects. However, the fear of self-employment keeps many where they are. Working with a recruiter that specializes in contracting is a shortcut to this flexible lifestyle. While you’re focused on a project, they continue to seek out future engagements to keep your pipeline (and wallet) full.

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