Resume Keyword for Engineering Candidates

It’s becoming increasingly common for job seekers of all types, including engineering candidates, to optimize their resumes by using specific keywords. Given the limited amount of time that hiring managers spend with each resume, and their growing use of technology to work though large candidate pools, keywords are an effective way to attract attention and merit a closer look. Here are a few that you should consider working into your own resume.

Capital Management

Regardless of what kind of engineering project you are working on, effectively controlling the budget is of paramount concern. This keyword suggests you have experience managing costs and understand how complex and unpredictable the process can be.

Systems Integration

Finding ways to make complex, discreet systems work together is important for all types of engineers. Working this keyword into your resume signals to hiring managers that you know how to complete your own project, and then effectively integrate those results with the work of others. This keyword is especially useful for engineers working in IT or manufacturing.

Engineering Documentation

Mandates from both inside and outside the field of engineering require careful, continuous documentation. This keyword suggests that you understand how important a paper trail is and have a proven track record of completing projects that can be quickly and accurately audited.

Continuous Improvement

Everything on your resume is designed to make you look good, but this particular keyword suggests that you have made an ongoing commitment to improving yourself professionally, expanding your skill set, exceeding your employer’s expectations, and ensuring success for your team.

Total Quality Management

Given the complex and interconnected nature of all engineering projects, every element must be considered in the context of the whole. Adding this keyword to your resume shows hiring managers that you are committed to positive outcomes at every step in the project, and know how to manage and monitor the process in order to avoid compromises and surprises.

Other Keywords to Consider

Many of the keywords you emphasize will be unique to your particular field of engineering. Here are a few more general ones to consider working into your resume:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Failure Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Justification Study
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • New Product Launch
  • Process Standardization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Vendor Management

If you’re looking for a job and hoping to separate yourself from a crowd of other engineers, the way you write and present your resume is crucial. Find the help you need to craft the perfect document and get it in front of more decision makers by working with the experienced Atlanta engineering recruiters at Selectek.