Why Are You the Right Candidate for the Job?

Hiring managers don’t want to pick a candidate who is merely capable of doing a job. They want to pick a candidate who is right for the job. That person will have the requisite blend of hard and soft skills, perfectly reflect the company’s culture, display promotion potential, and stand out over every other candidate. That is a lot to demonstrate. Convince any hiring manager that you are the one perfect candidate with these strategies:

  • Review the Job Description – The published description should tell you exactly what the right candidate looks like. Read through it carefully, looking for information that may be written between the lines, and prepare your interview answers accordingly. As much as possible, transform yourself into the candidate the job description portrays.
  • Research the Company – Hiring managers hate the idea that you will work for anyone that offers you a job. They want to know that you are generally interested and excited to work for their specific company. In advance of the interview, learn as much as you can about said company and sprinkle this expertise into your responses.
  • Give Real Examples – You are the perfect candidate? Prove it. It’s not enough to simply claim that you have exceptional skills and have made a major impact at past jobs. You need to be able cite anecdotes and metrics that demonstrate those skills and validate that impact. Be informative, but just as importantly, be brief.
  • Offer to Bring Value – There are likely other candidates being interviewed who have very similar credentials to your own. What sets you apart? How are your unique strengths relevant to the job/company in question? And how will you bring value into the organization that no one else can bring?
  • Be Honest – Lying, embellishing, or misleading during an interview in order to make yourself look like the right candidate is always a faulty strategy. If you don’t have a certain skill, own up to that, then emphasize your eagerness to learn. Offer up past examples of mastering new skills.
  • Focus on the Details – Your voice may be saying one thing and your body saying another. Throughout the interview, make sure that you sit up straight, smile, maintain eye contact, and don’t fidget with your hands. A calm, collected, confident demeanor speaks highly of your ability to work with others and behave as a professional.

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