Success From Day One on a New Job

Your first day on the job isn’t a time to settle quietly into your new position. It’s a time to begin forming relationships with co-workers, learning the details of your job responsibilities, and laying the groundwork for your whole future with the company. To help you make the most of your first day, we’ve put together a list of tips and strategies:

  • Get Your Sleep Schedule Straight – If you have been unemployed for a while, you may have fallen into an unusual sleep schedule. Rather than waiting until the night before your new job to change your sleep routine, try to start at least two weeks in advance.
  • Take a Test Run – Figure out how you will get to and from work and then take a test run. Determine exactly how long it takes and look for any snags that could cause you to be late.
  • Eat Right – Have a good breakfast the morning of your first day, and bring a brown bag lunch until you figure out how the office lunch culture works.
  • Do Your Research – You probably did some research about the company in advance of the interview. Now it’s time to do a lot more. Come into your first day as knowledgeable about the company as possible.
  • Dress Right – Hopefully you noticed how people were dressed when you went in for the interview. Try to mimic that style as closely as possible until you figure out the dress code.
  • Take Copious Notes – Don’t try to remember everything you learn on your first day. Bring a pen and notebook and write everything down. No details is too small to record.
  • Act Appropriately – Your first day isn’t a time for a bold display of personality. You can be yourself, but try to avoid picking up a reputation six hours into your tenure in the office.
  • Ask Any Questions – Don’t be afraid of appearing stupid on your first day. If there is something you need explained or clarified, ask someone in the know ASAP.
  • Be Proactive – You might have a light work load on your first day. Rather than trying to run out the clock, request a new assignment or offer to help your co-workers.
  • Get on the Same Page – Every manager operates a little bit differently. Request a meeting with your direct supervisor and ask him/her to describe their managerial style and expectations for you.

Take these steps and you will feel comfortable, confident, and ready to make a big impact starting on your very first day. If you are still trying to get past the interview stage, however, rely on the career experts at Selectek to provide you with more job opportunities and better application strategies.