Using LinkedIn to Establish Yourself as a Though Leader

LinkedIn is more than just a place for you to put your resume up online. It’s also a vast and vibrant community in which professionals from all fields are having ongoing conversations about the issues that have the biggest impact on their working life. That’s why those with savvy and ambition use the forum of LinkedIn to establish themselves as though leaders – professionals who define the course of the conversation and propel it forward. Here’s how you can use the same strategy to further your own career:

Grow Your Network

The more people you’re connected with, the more likely your thoughts are to be heard. Try to make connections with all your friends, family, and professional acquaintances of any type. Than start reaching out to strangers that have similar jobs or work for relevant companies and professional organizations.

Start Contributing Content

The more frequently you post your ideas, observations and news, the more you establish yourself as someone who is paying close attention to the industry they occupy. Try to post something new every week, and encourage readership by using snappy headlines and adding picture or videos. If you are at a loss for topics, consider gathering together several stories around a single subject and presenting it as a “roundup.”

Post to LinkedIn Pulse

This feature/app helps LinkedIn users find information and content that is relevant to them. You can get your own posts in front of more eyeballs by posting everything you write to LinkeIn pulse. Try to optimize all your content with keywords to make it easier for relevant readers to find it.

Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn profiles that are totally – rather than partially – complete have a much better chance of being found. Plus, it’s hard to establish yourself as a though leader or industry insider if your profile is characterized by blank space and empty fields.

Form a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn groups are communities formed around a single profession, industry or issue. Form one of your own with the broadest appeal possible, and then invite everyone in your network to join up. Post as much as possible until your membership ranks start to swell, and even after they do make sure that you are an active and valuable presence. If a relevant group already exists, become an active contributor rather than trying to start your own splinter group.


Establishing yourself as a though leader takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Once you have the title you’ll have a much easier time finding jobs, earning promotions, and staying in control of your career journey. Learn more about using social media to enhance your professional life by contacting Selectek.