Supplement Your Team with Temporary Help

You know your team is missing a crucial component, but you don’t have the time, budget, or resources to recruit a full-time employee. What’s the solution? Hire a temporary or contract worker instead.

This strategy is becoming increasingly common in technical disciplines, and employers are discovering that it provides a unique strategic advantage. Learn about the singular benefits of hiring temporary workers, and add flexibility and agility to all your future recruitment efforts.

  • Cut Costs – The cost of hiring a temporary employee is significantly less than full- or part-time employees, and does not affect your staffing budget over the long term.
  • Seize Opportunities – When you need immediate expertise to help you win a contract or rush a project to completion, temporary workers can provide your workforce with the supplement that it needs faster than any other option.
  • Fill Gaps – If a talented member of your team is out on maternity leave, sabbatical, or because of an extended illness, a temporary worker can fill in the gap for only as long as it exists.
  • Recruit Smarter – Bringing someone on in a temporary capacity allows you to observe their on-the-job performance and evaluate their fit for full-time employment. If you decide to hire them permanently, you can do it knowing you’ve made the right choice.
  • Promote Collaboration – The contribution made by these workers doesn’t have to be temporary. Their time in your office can have a lasting impact on the way your permanent workforce troubleshoots problems, handles planning, thinks about technology, or interacts with one another.
  • Hire Seasonally – Depending on your industry, you might experience a flood of business based around certain seasons or events. Temporary workers allow you to grow your workforce as necessary, achieve your business objectives, relieve the burden on your permanent workers, and easily return to normal operations after the rush.
  • Simplify Onboarding – Temporary workers require significantly less training and orientation than permanent workers. They are largely ready to go on their first day of work.
  • Meet New Candidates – A growing body of tech professionals is attracted to the flexibility and variety of temporary employment. Tapping into this candidate pool allows you to connect with dynamic professionals that have made the choice to bypass the typical recruitment process. 

If you’re still unsure about hiring temporary workers, remember that you can test out the strategy without making a major commitment. Consider bringing on one or two for a short-term assignment, and see how it affects your office culture, project goals, and overall strategic capabilities. Connect with a staffing specialist at Selectek to further explore this exciting workforce solution.