Interested in Turning a Temporary Position Into a Full-Time Job?

Want to Turn a Temporary Position into a Full Time JobJob seekers often avoid temporary positions, but the truth is that they can be a valuable stepping stone on the path to a full-time job. Taking a temporary position allows you to experience a company from the inside while also giving an employer a chance to see your skills in action. Ultimately, this process benefits both employers and job seekers much more than a traditional recruitment process. If you are hoping to turn a temporary position into a full-time job, these tips can help.

Choose Your Temp Jobs Strategically

It can be tempting to take the first temporary position that comes along, but if your skills are in IT and you begin working as a receptionist, you will never have the opportunity to show off what you’re good at. Look for positions that are a natural fit for your skills and experience, and seek out companies you can imagine working for long term.

Make Professionalism a Priority

Given the terminal nature of temporary positions, there is a natural inclination to let professional standards of dress and conduct slip a little. After all, if you already expect the job to end, you are less worried about being fired. But if you want to leverage your position into something more, be aware that your performance and presence are likely being monitored by someone with authority. Treat every day on the job like it’s an interview.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Soft skills, like being an effective communicator, working well on a team, or contributing to a company culture, are vital to employers but difficult to evaluate during a typical recruitment process. As a temporary worker, you have a unique ability to demonstrate these skills first hand. It’s great to show off your impressive technical abilities, but make sure to establish yourself as a good fit for the office, too.

Put in Extra Effort

Since temporary workers don’t typically have opportunities to earn raises, bonuses, or promotions, employers often expect them to meet their job obligations but nothing more. You can stand out by volunteering to take on extra work and to help your co-workers. Making this extra effort demonstrates initiative and also gives you the opportunity to show off more of your skills, meet more people within the company, and establish yourself as an indispensable presence.

Communicate Your Interest

If you are looking for a full-time position, make sure that decision makers are aware of your interest. Many recruiters assume that temporary workers are already planning to move on and never add them to the candidate pool when a position opens up. Just be sure not to start pestering the HR department on day one.

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