Success Strategies for Hiring Millennials in the Atlanta Engineering Industry

Hiring Millennials in the Engineering Industry

With the first and second waves of baby boomer retirement beginning to effect the engineering industry in a significant way, it is time for companies to get serious about bringing in the next wave of young engineers. But it is just as important to realize that recruitment strategies used in the past may be less effective on the millennial generation, leaving companies scrambling to replenish their ranks. If your goal is to attract the top talent from the most recent groups of engineering graduates, rely on these strategies.

Use Social Media

The millennial generation is more tech and media savvy than any generation before it, and most of the engineering talent you are trying to attract utilizes social media in some way. First, make sure you have corporate social media accounts on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, and then use those sites to post job vacancies, to show off the more appealing features of your company, and to position your company as one that exists in the present and the future.

Promote a Corporate Culture

Studies indicate that millennials are looking for more than just salary and benefits. They also want to be a part of a company that shares their principles and promotes a culture they are excited to be a part of. It is not enough to simply offer a young person a desk and think they will flock to take the position. As part of your new recruitment strategy, try to promote your corporate culture, and be sure to emphasize why you are a great company to build a career with.

Run a Cordial Recruitment Process

We already mentioned how media savvy this generation is. Be sure that you treat all your recruits, even the ones you don’t hire, with respect and gratitude, because you can bet they will spread the word if they have a negative experience with your company. You might end up compromising your long-term recruitment goals because of one early and avoidable blunder.

Reach Out to Millennials Early

Depending on your definition of millennial, it is arguable that some are still in college, or at least in graduate programs. Reach out to them early and you have a better chance of attracting them once they are ready to pursue professional opportunities. Offer internships, special training opportunities, chances to earn college credit or to participate in engineering competitions.

Be More Flexible

Millennials raised on technology have a hard time accepting that you need to be in a specific place between a specific set of hours in order to be productive. Opening up your employment structure to allow working from home, taking half days, taking extended maternity and paternity leave, and other flexible work accommodations is a good way to appeal to the millennial generation’s expectations for a workplace.

Keep in mind, too, that millennials are looking for jobs, and that many entered professional life during a time of recession. You have to appeal to them, but they are also looking for you. Learn more about attracting the next wave of innovative engineers by working with the Atlanta engineering recruiters at Selectek.