Engineering Job Options: Inside Sales Representative

Do you have a love of engineering and a deep mechanical aptitude but feel like you don’t want to be stuck in an office staring at a computer screen all day? Are you also a social person and an excellent communicator? If so, a job as an inside sales representative allows you to pursue both of your passions in an intellectually stimulating and financially lucrative career.

Job Description

Inside sales representatives work for companies that make technical products, products meant to support engineering projects, and for companies with specialized expertise in engineering. It is the job of the inside sales representative to identify potential customers, convince them of the merits of the product or service, and secure orders while serving as the liaison between the buyer and seller. Representatives must have the expertise to thoroughly understand the product being sold while also having the charisma and professional charm that mark the best sales professionals.

Job Duties

  • Analyzing competitors and identifying possible sales opportunities
  • Preparing detailed quotations for potential customers
  • Maintaining constant contact with stakeholders inside the company and at customer companies
  • Filling orders
  • Developing accounts by finding innovative and relevant strategies to encourage further purchasing
  • Staying up to date with innovations in relevant fields
  • Managing other sales professionals

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives – a job category that encompasses a number of engineering inside sales representatives – the outlook for this career path is bright. In 2012, there were 1,863,000 professionals employed in this field, and that number is expected to add 169,300 new jobs by 2022. The average median pay in 2012 was $57,870 per year, but successful sales professionals can expect to earn more than that if their income is linked to commissions.

Job Vacancy

A company in Alpharetta, GA is looking for an inside sales representative to build relationships with customers, support the goals of the business team, and coordinate with sales managers. CRM experience is required and SAP experience is beneficial. The ideal candidate will have three to five years of experience.


Working as an inside sales representative is just one of the many exciting and unexpected careers that engineering professionals can pursue. To find other opportunities, and to access valuable resources for impressing recruiters, work with the engineering-employment specialists at Selectek.