Engineering Job Options: Field Service Technician

If you are interested in an engineering career that lets you get out of the office and put your skills to use on site, a field service technician position might be the ideal choice for you. These professionals work on a diverse range of projects at sites around the world, and their skills are in high demand right now.

Job Description

Field service technicians work in every type of engineering. It is their job to visit field locations and repair or evaluate crucial equipment. They must have the expertise to diagnose a wide range of problems while working under stressful conditions. Their skills are in such high demand because they work in industries where equipment is too large, cumbersome, or important to be transported off site.

Educational Requirements

The education required to be a field service technician will depend largely on the industry in which the technician works. Employees working in highly technical industries like information technology or petroleum engineering will typically need at least an associate’s degree. In other industries, prospective employees may be able to secure a position with only a high school education, as long as they complete extensive on-the-job training. The highest paid field service technicians have bachelor’s and even graduate degrees in technical subjects.

Required Skills

  • Ability to travel
  • Flexible availability
  • Willingness to work in a wide variety of conditions, some being potentially hazardous
  • Exceptional troubleshooting abilities
  • Desire to learn about evolving technologies and repair strategies
  • Strong communication skills

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for field service technicians is good. The exact rate of job growth and yearly salary depend largely on the specific industry, but it is not unusual for field service technicians to make upwards of $50,000. When working in remote locations or under extreme conditions, the rate of pay has the potential to be much more. The necessity of mobile repair technicians is as in demand as ever, so interested candidates can expect to find employment opportunities for long into the future.

Vacant Position

A company in Kennesaw, Georgia is looking for a field service technician with expertise in industrial conveyor equipment. The candidate will be expected to travel 85 percent of the time and will work at sites throughout North and Central America. Experience speaking Spanish or German is preferred. To learn more about this position, click here.


For the right candidate, a position as a field service technician could lead to a financially lucrative and varied career. To find other vacant positions, and to learn about excelling during the application and interview process, work with the engineering staffing professionals at Selectek.