Engineering Job Options: Manufacturing Engineer

Some would say that manufacturing engineers are the unsung heroes of the modern world. It is thanks to these specialized engineers that we have consumer goods, industrial products, and just about anything that comes out of a factory.

Manufacturing engineers have been around for as long as manufacturing, but they are expected to remain vital long into the 21st century. If you are looking for an intellectually satisfying, financially lucrative, and creatively varied career path within the engineering industry, consider becoming a manufacturing engineer. Here is a quick overview of the position.


All manufacturing engineers will need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering with a focus on manufacturing engineering. It is often necessary to have an advanced degree and a demonstrable level of professional experience. Engineers from other disciplines rarely transition into manufacturing engineering without significant retraining.


The Society of Manufacturing Engineers is the primary professional society for this field, and they offer a number of specialized certification programs. Gaining a certification does not demonstrate degree-level qualifications, but it can be an aid when looking for employment.


The specific duties of the manufacturing engineer will depend entirely on the company they work for and the products they produce. Their general responsibilities are to create the technologies and production processes to manufacture quality goods with standardized features.


Today’s factories are extremely technical and often feature advanced robotics, massively integrated machines, and large quantities of dangerous substances. Ensuring that these features run as efficiently, cost-effectively, and consistently as possible is the duty of the manufacturing engineer. For that reason, they are expected to draw on a number of different skills, technologies, and strategies within the field of engineering.


Subdisciplines of Manufacturing Engineering

  • Mechanics: The study of forces and their affect on matter
  • Kinematics: The study of the motion of bodies and systems
  • Drafting: The creation of technical drawings
  • Mechatronics: The study of the relationship between electronics, mechanics, and manufacturing
  • Textile Engineering: The study of fibers and textiles in a mechanical setting

Current Openings

  • Manufacturing Engineer: A company in Carrollton, GA is looking for a manufacturing engineer with specific experience in metal machining.


The Future Is Bright for Manufacturing Engineers

Are you fascinated by the idea of turning a natural resource like a piece of stone or a block of steel into a household object used by people across the world? If so, that is exactly the kind of passion that employers are looking for in a manufacturing engineer. Learn more about this essential profession, and identify job openings in your area, by working with the engineer staffing specialists at Selectek.