Don’t Forget This Key to Recruiting the Best Candidates…

The importance of company culture is difficult to overestimate. With more than a third of the 24-hour day spent at work each week, candidates increasingly look for positions at companies who make the effort to create a pleasant work environment.

Engineers are always in demand and if you want to recruit the cream of the crop, you need a plan to attract them. A strategy that goes well beyond providing competitive compensation.

Assuming that you have made the effort to create a positive company culture, how can you communicate that fact and leverage it to attract the best people?

Get involved in the community. Participate in charitable projects, networking events, hold an open house. Getting to know people on a one-to-one basis helps can give prospects the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in your organization. And gives you an opportunity to evaluate intangibles like work ethic and ability to work as part of a team.

Update your website. Your site is the first place people go to see what your company is all about.  Be sure that it reflects your culture and values. Get your current employees involved. Testimonials and pictures go a long way toward personalizing your organization. Show potential employees what your location is like and what people wear to give them a sense of your company.

Try sharing success stories on your site. You can attract potential employees and new customers.

Mind your descriptions

When creating job postings, take care that the tone you use accurately reflects the company culture. If you are fostering a friendly, casual workplace and publish formally worded job descriptions, or vice versa, you won’t attract people who will fit into your organization comfortably.

List the skills, education and  experience requirements, of course, but take a moment to consider the personalities of your most successful employees and word your listings in a manner likely to attract similar people.

Hire the right recruiter.

Finding the right people can be overwhelming. If you decide to reach out to a professional recruiter, make sure that the recruiting or staffing agency you choose understands both your industry and your culture.

Here at Selectek, we understand the importance of finding candidates who have both the engineering expertise to complete projects and the personality to fit into your company culture. We have a proven track record in matching skilled candidates to exact-fit opportunities. That’s been the basis of our success, and why we’ve become the staffing solution of choice for many hiring managers looking to fill engineering positions.