Engineering Job Options: CAD Operator

So, you’re thinking about becoming a CAD operator? As with any other career selection, there are some things that you should know about it before you make your final decision.

Here is what you need to know about becoming a CAD operator:

1. What, exactly, is a CAD operator?

First of all, CAD is an acronym that stands for “Computer Aided Design.” That’s because CAD operators actually use software applications to create designs for production initiatives.

You can think of them as people who use a computer, instead of something like a blueprint, to lay out the specifications of a product.

What do they design? It can be anything from capital goods equipment, such as manufacturing machinery, to the actual products that the machinery is used to create.

The software used by CAD operators is typically state-of-the-art and extremely powerful. It’s capable of 3D rendering so high-quality graphics hardware is generally a must for CAD operators. The software is also able to present the operator’s creation at various angles so that the output can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. Finally, the output can also be printed, typically to specialized printers. This gives the manufacturing team a hard copy that can be referenced.

2. Why are CAD operators in demand?

CAD operators can provide designs in a relatively short period of time, thanks the software that they use. This reduces the time-to-production, which means that businesses that utilize CAD operators will likely have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Additionally, CAD is more cost-efficient than traditional methods of design. As a result, companies who hire CAD operators can give their bottom lines a boost.

3. Preparing for a career as a CAD operator

If you want to become a CAD operator, you’ll start by taking classes that specialize in computer-aided design. These classes are typically offered at vocational schools and technical schools. There are also adult education classes that teach people about CAD in addition to software tutorials.

If you’re planning on attending school to learn CAD, be sure to evaluate the school carefully. Not all schools offer the same level of training.

CAD operator positions will often require a college degree. Also, as with just about any other skilled trade, employers will look for experience in the field. The best thing to do to gain some type of experience while attending school is to secure a Co-op position, typically found through the school’s placement program.

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