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Motivating Your Team to Go Above and Beyond

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It’s great when engineering teams meet expectations, carrying out their tasks and responsibilities and achieving their defined goals. When a team is clicking along and doing the minimum, everything runs smoothly, but in order for the company to gain a true competitive edge, employees need to go above and beyond. How do you motivate people… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Architectural Design

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Architectural designers are an important part of architectural engineering teams. They are usually tasked with creating the plans that architects use in their projects. Designers are given a set of very specific requirements and are trusted to ensure that the plans they create adhere to those codes. They spend most of their time working in… Read more »

Employment Gap: How to Discuss in an Interview

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For hiring managers, an extended employment gap in an applicant’s work history raises immediate red flags. That makes it one of the most sensitive subjects that can comes up in an interview. But it is important that you address the issues directly in order to assuage the concerns of the hiring manager and take the… Read more »

The Talent Gap – How to Staff for Engineering with this Roadblock

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Hiring an engineer is easy. Hiring the right engineer is a much bigger challenge. As anyone involved in recruitment knows, the pool of available engineers is vast, but the candidates with the required technical skills and experience are much more elusive. Increasingly, companies are turning to staffing firms to bridge the talent gap when traditional… Read more »

Use Nonverbal Cues to Ace the Interview

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Your voice is not the only part of you that communicates. In fact, one study estimated that as much as 93% of all communication is nonverbal. The way a person moves, smiles, makes eye contact, and nods their head tells you a great deal about what they are thinking. In preparation for a job interview,… Read more »

The Difference Between a Manager and a Leader

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It may seem like an insignificant designation, but there really is a world of difference between these two roles. Ask yourself, what would my company look like if all of my managers were true leaders? What would it look like if all your leaders suddenly reverted to being managers? It is a safe bet that… Read more »

Three Tips for Acing an Engineering Phone Interview

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During your job search, you’ll often find that a phone interview is a prerequisite to an in-person, on-site interview. Frequently, the phone interview process will start with the recruiter and then may move on to someone at the company site who is part of the hiring team. Phone interviews tend to be much less intimidating… Read more »

Utilizing Your Engineering Degree

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A degree in engineering opens up an entire universe of career possibilities. There are so many specialties within the engineering field that you’re certain to find a fulfilling career path in one of them. Ideally, you’ll want to concentrate on a specific engineering discipline during your college education. This includes taking classes that will provide… Read more »