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Engineering Job Options: Structural Engineer

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A branch of civil engineering, structural engineering involves the design and development of large structures. They can range from buildings to bridges to sports arenas and more. These professionals are responsible for designing structures that meet client specifications and can withstand constant exposure to environmental pressures for decades to come. Structural engineers have a host… Read more »

Career Lessons to Learn From

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Growing your engineering career is all about learning important lessons and building on them. However, many lessons are learned the hard way. Here are a few important career lessons to learn from today, so you don’t make mistakes as you move up. Fail Forward Failure is one of the best teachers you’ll ever encounter. Failure… Read more »

How to Discuss Your Past Engineering Experience

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Every engineering job interview will be different; however, you can count on every hiring manager asking you to discuss your experience. This question helps them learn more about you as a professional, allows them to make inferences about the value you bring to the table and assess how well you align with organizational culture. Use… Read more »

Embracing Teamwork as an Engineering Pro

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Engineers rarely work in isolation. Complex projects require collaboration and teamwork; therefore, you must be able to showcase your ability to work well as part of a group in every interview. Hiring managers may ask you directly about teamwork, but it is much more likely they will make inferences based on the anecdotes you share… Read more »

How to Make Your Weaknesses Irrelevant

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Every engineering job interview you go on will be unique, but there are some questions you can almost always count on. Weaknesses are a topic that will likely be addressed by every hiring manager, but many engineers struggle when asked to talk about their weaknesses. Naturally, you don’t what to shoot yourself in the foot… Read more »

Is It Time to Update Your LinkedIn Profile?

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You have a LinkedIn profile that includes your name, your job title and work history. That’s all you need, right? Wrong. Hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn in two ways. First, they use it to find potential candidates for openings. Second, they use it to learn a little more about you before they call you… Read more »

The Workplace Stress Epidemic

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), workplace stress costs U.S. businesses upwards of $300 billion per year. In fact, the stress of the American worker has gotten so bad the WHO has labeled it the “health epidemic of the 21st Century.”  Workplace stress can negatively impact productivity, employee engagement, absenteeism, illness and retention. Here… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Environmental Engineer

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Environmental engineering is a vast field, and the specific duties of an engineer depend upon their area of focus, whether they work for public or private entities, and the specific goals defined for their position. In general, they use engineering principles in things like soil science, biology and chemistry to create solutions to environmental problems…. Read more »

Does Your Online Reputation Need to Be Revamped?

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Any time you apply for a new position, you can be sure of one thing; if you are being considered for an interview, you will be Googled. It is important to know what recruiters and hiring managers will find when they look you up online. Take the time to manage your online brand and reputation… Read more »