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Managing a Burned-Out Team

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Burnout is a very real phenomenon that impacts overworked professionals and causes mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion and even depression. Research shows that burnout leads to decreased productivity and lack of engagement, and burnout can actually spread among a team. A single burned out employee can start a domino effect of stress and exhaustion. If you… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Structural Engineer

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Structural engineering is a specialized branch of the broader field of civil engineering. These professionals design buildings of all sizes from shopping malls to office complexes to skyscrapers, sports complexes and more. Design is a critical element of the job, as structural engineers are responsible for the structural integrity of a building. The structures they… Read more »

Red Flags to Watch out for During an Interview

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Hiring and retaining engineering talent is no easy feat. First, you must find someone with the right skills for each role, but you also have to be mindful of the candidate’s personality and their cultural alignment. While it’s necessary to focus on the positives, it’s equally important to watch out for red flags that could… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Electrical Engineer

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Electrical engineers create, design, implement and test electrical systems of all sizes and scopes. They can be found in almost every industry, and because the field is so wide, there is a lot of opportunity for talented engineers to specialize and design their own careers. Regardless of an electrical engineer’s specialization, they must be highly… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Team for Temporary Engineering Hires

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Temporary engineers help keep projects on track and ensure the organization achieves its goals. While management may understand the value of these professionals, team members may be a bit more resistant to the idea. Permanent employees can be wary of temporary engineers, wondering if those people are there to steal their jobs. That wariness and… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Quality Inspector

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The quality of any product depends on the quality of the materials used in its production. That’s what makes the work of a quality inspector so important. Quality inspectors examine the raw materials and material goods on a production line, approving or rejecting them based on specific criteria. They also are often responsible for testing… Read more »

Should You Reject a Candidate for Lack of Enthusiasm?

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There is an old adage that reminds us enthusiasm is the mother of effort and without it, nothing great was ever achieved. This is an important thought to keep in mind when searching for new engineers for your team. Enthusiastic people fuel positive energy, they boost creativity, spark new ideas and help improve productivity. Enthusiasm… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Architectural Design

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Architectural designers are an important part of architectural engineering teams. They are usually tasked with creating the plans that architects use in their projects. Designers are given a set of very specific requirements and are trusted to ensure that the plans they create adhere to those codes. They spend most of their time working in… Read more »

How Can a Recruiter Help Your Job Search?

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If you’re currently looking for a job, you owe it to yourself to use every tool at your disposal. You are probably on LinkedIn, active in local professional networks, and diligent about refining and updating your resume. But have you also considered working with a recruiter? This could be the one tool you’re missing to… Read more »

Selecting the Right Professional References

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If you are like most people, there is probably a long list of people that you could rely on to act as a professional reference. However, it’s crucial that you consider your options carefully and list only the references who can make the greatest impact on the hiring manager you are trying to impress. This… Read more »