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Should You Reject a Candidate for Lack of Enthusiasm?

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There is an old adage that reminds us enthusiasm is the mother of effort and without it, nothing great was ever achieved. This is an important thought to keep in mind when searching for new engineers for your team. Enthusiastic people fuel positive energy, they boost creativity, spark new ideas and help improve productivity. Enthusiasm… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Architectural Design

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Architectural designers are an important part of architectural engineering teams. They are usually tasked with creating the plans that architects use in their projects. Designers are given a set of very specific requirements and are trusted to ensure that the plans they create adhere to those codes. They spend most of their time working in… Read more »

How to Make Your Weaknesses Irrelevant

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Every engineering job interview you go on will be unique, but there are some questions you can almost always count on. Weaknesses are a topic that will likely be addressed by every hiring manager, but many engineers struggle when asked to talk about their weaknesses. Naturally, you don’t what to shoot yourself in the foot… Read more »

Strategies to Boost Productivity on Your Team

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Everyone on your team is extremely busy, but how often does that “business” translate into true “productivity”? Engineers have a lot on their plates, but they can also be hampered by some common roadblocks to productivity, impeding your firm’s ability to complete projects on time and on budget. Use these strategies to start boosting productivity… Read more »

Not Hearing Back After Applying?

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  Job searches are incredibly frustrating because you put so many hours into improving your resume, writing a cover letter, researching companies and finding opportunities – and you rarely get much in return. While you realistically can’t expect to hear back from every employer, most job seekers should get a few calls. If you’re not… Read more »

Four Strategies to Make Your Job Search More Effective

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Engineering job searches can be time-consuming and often a bit frustrating. It would be nice if you found your ideal job the moment you started searching and after taking one look at your resume, the hiring manager wrote you a lucrative offer. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way and it can take weeks or… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical engineering is a vast discipline, with professionals working in fields ranging from electronics to manufacturing to environmental fields and everything in between. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building and testing mechanical devices, sensors, engines, tools and machinery. Mechanical engineers can work in office environments, labs and work sites. Travel is often required if… Read more »

Tips for Effectively Working With Challenging Co-Workers

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In a perfect world, we’d get along with everyone we ever work with. Unfortunately, challenging co-workers are a fact of life. There will be people in your professional life whose personalities clash with yours, people who actively sabotage you, and you’ll have the occasional co-worker you just don’t like. Working effectively with challenging co-workers isn’t… Read more »

Are You Missing out on Opportunities Because of a Generic Resume?

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Conducting a job search is a time-consuming endeavor. Many job seekers use the same exact resume for every single job they apply to. This seems logical – your work history and experience isn’t fluid, after all. However, sending the same, generic resume could be costing you opportunities. To Stand out, You Need to Address the… Read more »

Four Podcasts to Listen to as an Engineer

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In order to stay relevant in the field, professional engineers must continually develop their skills and keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry. Podcasts are a great way to stay connected to the engineering field and learn new things. You can listen on your commute, in the shower, while doing… Read more »