Engineering Job Options: CNC Programmer

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A computer numerically controlled (CNC) programmer programs the machines that cut, shape, and finish raw materials like metal and plastic into usable manufacturing components. They plot out each step of how a machine makes a part and then convert the information into a language that is usable to the machine. CNC programmers also test and… Read more »

5 Most Sought-After Engineering Skills

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When you think about in-demand engineering skills, you probably think about technical abilities. While technical skills are crucial for success, recruiters and hiring partners are looking for something deeper. Soft skills impact your ability to work well as a member of the team, and in today’s market, those skills are equally as important as technical… Read more »

Seeking Career Flexibility? Consider Contract Work!

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Better work-life balance is a goal for most professional engineers. Their work is stressful, the hours can be long, and burnout is a common problem. However, there is a way to achieve more freedom and flexibility without sacrificing income or even benefits. That path? Contract work. A Flexible Schedule – That Puts You in Control… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Structural Engineer

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Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on the design and construction of large buildings and structures. The job of a structural engineer job is to ensure the end results meet client expectations while being able to withstand environmental stress and pressure. The specific duties of a structural engineer can be vast… Read more »

What Can You Do If Your Job Doesn’t Challenge You?

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Burnout is typically associated with working too hard for too long. However, you can also experience burnout from boredom at work. When you aren’t being challenged enough, it’s easy to feel miserable about getting up and going to work every day. Before you throw in the towel or complain to your boss, here are some… Read more »

What Does Your Body Language in the Interview Say About You?

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When preparing for interviews, you practice what to say, but it is also important to be aware of your body language. The nonverbal cues you give off can often speak louder than your words, especially if you are giving off negative vibes. What is your body language telling potential employers? Your Handshake Everyone makes judgments… Read more »

Tips For Managing Remote Employees

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Remote employees can be valuable assets to any engineering team. Opening yourself up to remote workers allows you to draw from a much broader talent pool and can help boost productivity and morale. However, managing remote employees does come with some challenges and requires you to adjust your approach. Here are tips to help you… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: CAD Technician

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CAD technicians, designers and drafters provide critical support to engineering projects.  They are tasked with creating the plans that engineers use to build a project whether it is a machine, a building, or a consumer product. Engineers provide CAD techs with the requirements for the project, and they take that information and develop drawings and… Read more »

5 Tech Certifications That Will Advance Your Career

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The tech field is booming but getting your foot in the door can be a challenge. Employers want people with experience, and when you’re just starting out, your experience can be quite limited. Certifications are a great way to overcome lack of experience, as they prove to employers you have demonstrated expertise of critical skills…. Read more »