Engineering Job Options: Industrial Engineer

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Industrial engineers help companies move more efficiently. They reduce waste and maximize output using engineering principles, technology, industry knowledge, product requirements, and safety methods. Industrial engineers may also be involved in improving management methods and quality control. Depending on the job responsibilities of the engineer, they may work both in an office and in the… Read more »

Five Top Skills of Engineering Project Managers

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Behind the scenes of any major engineering project lies a project manager. These professionals are responsible for keeping projects moving forward on time and on budget. They are the team leaders, keeping everyone focused on their goals and helping them overcome snags from day one to the day the project closes. If you are interested… Read more »

How to Get Your Resume Thrown in the Trash

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Your resume is arguably the most important document you’ll ever create. It will make or break your chances of getting a job interview and ultimately, growing your career. Hiring managers do not have a lot of time, and experienced pros can look at a resume and decide within mere seconds whether the resume goes in… Read more »

Managing a Burned-Out Team

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Burnout is a very real phenomenon that impacts overworked professionals and causes mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion and even depression. Research shows that burnout leads to decreased productivity and lack of engagement, and burnout can actually spread among a team. A single burned out employee can start a domino effect of stress and exhaustion. If you… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Structural Engineer

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Structural engineering is a specialized branch of the broader field of civil engineering. These professionals design buildings of all sizes from shopping malls to office complexes to skyscrapers, sports complexes and more. Design is a critical element of the job, as structural engineers are responsible for the structural integrity of a building. The structures they… Read more »

Dealing With a Bad Boss

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Getting along with your boss is necessary in order to be happy at work and important to long-term career advancement. But when your boss is bad or even toxic, it negatively impacts your ability to perform. Whether your manager is a micromanager, an aggressive taskmaster or just a run-of-the-mill jerk, use these tips to navigate… Read more »

What to Do If You Feel Underqualified at Work

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Starting a new engineering job is exciting, but also stressful. That stress can be compounded when you settle in and think you may be underqualified for the new role. If you feel you are in over your head and suspect you might not be qualified for your job, here are some things to consider. Hiring… Read more »

Motivating Your Team to Go Above and Beyond

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It’s great when engineering teams meet expectations, carrying out their tasks and responsibilities and achieving their defined goals. When a team is clicking along and doing the minimum, everything runs smoothly, but in order for the company to gain a true competitive edge, employees need to go above and beyond. How do you motivate people… Read more »

Engineering Job Options: Transportation Engineer

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Transportation Engineers design new transportation infrastructure like highways, airports, railways and more. These critical professionals are responsible for analyzing data and solving problems related to traffic flow, costs, hazards, etc. They are often tasked with collaborating with government agencies, utility companies and other engineering firms. These engineering professionals work both in an office setting and… Read more »

How to Overcome a Mistake at a New Job

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Making a mistake when you’re new on the job can be a nerve-wracking experience. No one wants to let down their new team, and mistakes can be embarrassing and difficult to rise above. The good news? No one expects you to be perfect when you’re new to a team, and one mistake won’t derail your… Read more »